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Toronto Star: Cleanse program will get you glowing from the inside out

By Leanne Delap Living Columnist, The Toronto Star

Sitting beside a glamorous creature at a gala recently, I found myself wasting no time in gushing about her skin. It glowed beyond anything that could reasonably be prompted by a jar.

Toronto social queen bee Bhargavi Varma said one word to me: Isagenix. “It is what you put inside that counts,” she whispered.

Turns out Varma, whose career has spanned both promotion in film and PR in the corporate food industry, and her business partner Shruti Owerie, a Rotman’s MBA grad, are the Detox Divas; they do cleanse-coaching for the young and urban fashionables in the city, talking them out of tiramisu temptation by phone and email. The pair is among a group of independent distributors who sell Isagenix products, which is also sold online.

A Doctor’s Isagenix Story

Trainer: Dennis Harper, DO, Scientific Advisory Board Chair

Listen in as Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board Chair Dennis Harper, DO, discusses his experience with Isagenix along with his patients’ results, and why he encourages other doctors to use it in their clinical practices.

Holly Sheds Business Suits For Freedom & Bikinis

AfterBeforeFor years, Holly hid behind her business suit. The jacket covered the places she didn’t want to show and the power she felt wearing it made up for the insecurity she felt on the inside.

Weighing 242 pounds,* she always knew that the person who showed up at the office wasn’t the “real” Holly, who was a formerly athletic “popular girl” in high school. But her false reality never sunk in deep enough for her to recognize how far away she had strayed away from her former, confident self.

Then, she discovered Isagenix® while maintaining her high-stress (and high-paying) job in the corporate environment and became curious about the business side. She admits she was actually grateful when she was laid off from her job so she could pursue her Isagenix business full time.

Former Linebacker Tackles Isagenix Nutritional Cleansing

Isagenix SuccessShane is a former all-state high school and collegiate linebacker who has taken his love of sports and turned it into a successful career. In addition to being a special teams coordinator for a private high school, he also provides personal fitness training to athletes, including a Dallas Cowboy and Mavericks player.

The same energy, passion, athleticism and competitive spirit he loves about football are also what he brings to his clients while guiding them toward a total body and lifestyle transformation. The keys to the transformation include fitness training, a balanced diet and nutrition with Isagenix®.

Being in the fitness industry, Shane has experimented with a variety of nutritional supplements. Generally a skeptic, it wasn’t until his wife Monica had great results with Isagenix that he decided to give it a try.

Isagenix® Gives Woman “Celebrity” Status at High School Reunion

AfterBeforeBack in Judy’s high school days, she was known for two things — her thin, spectacular figure and her inability to hear. Judy couldn’t communicate verbally with friends because of her congenital deafness, but technology has come a long way since high school and thanks to a cochlear implant she received in 2007, one of those high school traits is gone.

As her 40th high school reunion neared, Judy looked forward to hearing the voices of her former classmates. However, she wasn’t excited for them to see her and how four decades had taken its toll on her figure.

“I was very small, really thin and had a gorgeous figure in high school, but have just ballooned up over the years,” admits Judy. “I made up my mind that I was going to lose the weight and started working really hard.”

A Child’s Fear Leads Marc to Make a Major Lifestyle Change

AfterBeforeIf you pass by Marc at a grocery store or coffee shop, he’s likely to catch your attention. Not just because he’s a lean and outgoing guy, but also because Marc is eager to share his Isagenix® experience with everyone.

Marc wears an oversized belt, carries pictures of his former overweight self and wears a shirt that proudly shares a message about the 85 pounds* he lost using Isagenix. His energy, exuberance and charisma are contagious. However, months ago his lifestyle and attitude were drastically different.

Busy Mom Drops 60 Pounds, Now Keeps Up With Kids

AfterBeforeWalking on a treadmill for a mere 15 minutes used to leave Mary tired and out of breath. A regular smoker with a high-stress job and a penchant for processed foods, Mary admits that her body was not happy with her.

“I used to worry about not making it to a certain age later in life,” says the 38-year-old Arizona mom. “And seeing my kids getting older and getting into sports, I knew I’d never be able to participate with them the way I was.”

But all of that changed after a co-worker introduced Mary to Isagenix®. Though she was skeptical of what she perceived to be “just another diet,” at 240 pounds, she was willing to try the Cleansing and Fat Burning System to see if anything would happen.

After just a few Cleanse and Shake Days, Mary began to notice a difference.

Challenge Winner Makes Healthy Living a Career

AfterBeforeAdam of California was an accountant who desired a more creative career so he decided to pursue a master’s degree in fine arts. Not only was he tired of budget numbers, he also couldn’t stand the numbers on the scale and his unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits.

He decided to participate in the 2007 IsaBody Challenge™ and followed the Isagenix® system while taking up an interest in fitness training. He applied what he learned about weight training to his body and sculpted it into a toned, muscular shape. Along with his fitness routine and nutritional cleansing with Isagenix, he lost 60 pounds* and has a new outlook on life.

San Diego Marathon Runner is the “Picture of Health”

MaryKay, The Picture of Health with isagenixMaryKay is 47 years old, in the best shape of her life, and truly is the “picture of health.” So much so, that she was voted among thousands of applicants as one of five winners for Prevention magazine and ABC News Now’s 2008 “Picture of Health” contest.

“The ‘picture of health’ to me means feeling and looking good, being at my ideal weight and body shape, and having a healthy mind, body, and spirit,” says MaryKay. “It’s knowing that I can accomplish anything, and it’s magnetic.”

A sense of accomplishment is nothing new to MaryKay, who turned to running as a stress-free outlet from a demanding 20-year career in the technology industry. At the age of 40, she felt she was still missing
something and began training for and competing in marathons.

Nutritional Cleansing Purifies Lori’s Outlook on Life

Five words changed Lori’s life forever.Lori before

“You just need to cleanse.”

But when those words came from the lips of her chiropractor just a few short years ago, all she could do was burst into tears. After all, the now 55-year-old from California thought she’d already been “cleansing” for three weeks using a product that contained everyday ingredients like lemon juice and cayenne pepper.